About Me


I am an a strong empath ...... which can get me into trouble..... I have always been this way. When  I got into my teens I began to see visions of what was going to be happening to my friends as well as myself. My friends started to shy away from me because I was generally right on. I didn't understand it! And they became scared of me! So I began to keep things to myself, all the while wondering what was going on with me. 

As I got into the work force, I worked at a Snack Store in a major Casino, I was constantly coming in touch with thieves, and even an armed robber that broke into someones room hurting them. I always seemed to have had some information in a case, But I still didn't understand what was going on.

I got married, and when I was going into labor with my second daughter, I wasn't able to get a hold of my mom to let her know. So I began sending her telepathic thoughts to her, asking her  to get to the town I lived in right away. She was 300 miles away and there were no cell phones yet. My mom received my message and convinced my dad to drive directly to the hospital in my town, rather then drive back to their home. 

About 10 years later, I once again began getting information at work about thieves. I received a  warning, to notify our security at our store that I thought we were being cased,  I really felt like we were going to be robbed, and it was not going to be a little robbery.....  That next morning around 5:00 am our janitor happened to show up late to work. Thank heavens because minutes before he got there the stores front door was broke down and the guns in the store were stolen. Know one was hurt. But we were all shook up! These types of things continued to happen for years. I just thought I was weird. 

My grandmother fell into a coma. So my Uncle and I drove down to see her. She wasn't doing well. I was in the room with her at one point with my mom and Aunt. I sat next to her bed and my mom and Aunt were across the room talking to each other quietly in the corner. I was praying for my grandma, when I looked up at her,.... she was smiling from ear to ear! I looked around her bed that I was sitting next to, and I saw these BRILLIANT FIGURES standing around two sides of her bed. The color was a color I have never seen before! It was a white golden glowing color, I immediately thought they were Angles, even though they had no wings, some were tall, some were short.... They glowed! I looked over to my mom and aunt hoping they would look over and see them! They didn't,,,,, I just sat there watching my grandma and taking everything in. Her smile began to dissipate and the Angles disappeared .  I asked my Aunt and Mom if they saw what I did and they said no....  Right after that, Grandma began to get better, she came out of the Coma that night. She would go on to live about 8 more years.

 While driving to work in the early morning hours in the dark...... the road had tight "ESS CURVES" in this 15 mile stretch.  This was a road highly traveled by loaded logging trucks. I was driving a small Neon. As I approached a sharp curve the right side of my car was up next to the mountain, on the other side of the oncoming lane was the cliff. All of a sudden I had BRIGHT HEADLIGHTS in my eyes, I had no where to go the Semi was on my side cutting the corner!  It was a second later, and  I thought to myself am I dead???? There was no way, I could not have fit between the mountain and the Semi!  The only explanation  that I had, was that I must have been lifted up by Angels.

When my grandma did pass, I was taking a therapy art class. Before her funeral I had a class to attend,  we were suppose to draw what was in the forefront of our mind. I drew a rose bud on a long stem encircled in an oval rim. Well, when I got to her the church for her funeral, her casket had the exact rose that I drew, including the colors! On the inside of the lid and in the corners of the casket..... At that point I began to connect the dots, something was different about me... But it would be another 7 years before I would meet my first teacher that would help send me on my journey.

I began with a well known local psychic. She began to open my eyes as to what I had been experiencing most of my life. My classes had just begun and my knowledge would never stop growing!

I studied under MaryKay for about 6 yrs, then under Katie another local psychic in a nearby town. And then I took an Angel Card workshop under Doreen Virtue, and received my certification from her. I also took a  workshop from Wayne Dyer, What an incredible man he was! I took a workshop with John Edwards and was blessed with a psychic reading and a Mediumship reading from him. I took the 1 year coarse at Age of Aquarius with Margaret. And I have taken a workshop with James Van Praagh. I  feel that their is no end to learning. 

I love to help people, and animals. I love to send Healing Energy to those that need it as well as to the Earth. I love to meditate daily, and astro-travel. 

Please send the Energy of Peace to this Planet....Everything is ENERGY, we are all connected.

Love and Light